Today you’re discovering a small change to make to your messaging which will send shockwaves through your marketing.

It’s been said that your message is the one bridge between you and your prospect. That’s 100% accurate. Given that fact, once you discover and implement this simple yet powerful strategy, you’ll see that most attorneys “bridges” to the customer are rusted, rotting, or downright uncross-able.

In fact, this one tiny change which creates massive response is missing from 95% of the marketing I see right now.

When you fix it in your own messaging, your competitors won’t stand a chance.

Plus, as smart as they may or may not be, they’re very unlikely to notice exactly what you’ve done differently.

They’ll copy your ads. They’ll copy your website. They’ll copy your staffing strategy. They’ll copy everything they can see on the surface.

But chances are good they’ll still make this mistake. And in doing so, NONE of what they’ve copied will work.

All because they missed this one tiny change that causes people to actually act, reach out, call, or walk in to your office.

How important can this one little change be?

Well not only does this supercharge every single piece of your marketing, this tiny change can also actually help you in court. Yes, that’s a tall order I know. But when you hear what I have to say I’m 100% confident you’ll see and agree.

To demonstrate, I’ll give you two stories. One about an attorney who totally missed this point, and another about what happens when you get this thing right.

First, this very month I tried reading a book written by an attorney who specializes in marketing for other attorneys. In the first chapter, this mistake must have been made more than 50 times. By chapter two, it showed no signs of slowing down.

Frustrated, I started scanning the rest of the book to see if this “marketing specialist” attorney truly “got it.” He in fact, did not. Every single page, without exception was littered with this mistake. If you were to read it you would feel what was wrong, but perhaps not be able to put your finger on it entirely. However, you would also have put the book down.

If your prospects “put the book down”, then you’ve lost the sale.

What is the mistake? You’re going to find out very soon and it’s more than worth the wait.

Second, before I started marketing for attorney’s only, I spent 18 months as a marketing consultant and copywriter for all sorts of customers in dozens of different industries.

For a moment, step into my shoes. You wake up every morning. You look at a list of requests for work completed, and you write a letter to that business owner describing why you are the superior choice.

All the while you know full well there are other consultants writing letters with the exact same intent.

So if this were you (and it is), then what sort of language do you think would work best for the person reading that letter?

Do you think that person would want to hear all about you, all about what you want, and all about why this job or case or whatever will be great for you?

Do you think they want to be inundated with dozens of people all sharing their own reasons for getting what they want?

Or do you think they want to see someone clearly and confidently articulate exactly what’s in it for them?

I bet you already know, but let me say it anyway.

After 18 months as a marketing consultant I could set my clock by how many new projects and subsequent dollars flooded my bank account each month.

Plus, I charged significantly higher fees than any of my competitors. One time I doubled the fee on the phone, just to see if the prospect would bite. They did.

The next week I tripled the asking price for the project, just to see if the prospect would bite. They bit.

Isn’t that amazing? It’s a demonstration of the power in this change.

YOU my friend can wield this same power. You can double or triple prices. You can make your competitor irrelevant. You can draw clients to you like a moth to a flame.

You can, in fact, use this simple technique today. Right now and forever. And you’ll be glad you did.

Alright have you had enough teasing yet? Good. Because you’re about to read exactly what this is all about:

So pay special attention, this is the important part.

To understand this Jedi mind trick of marketing, you need to hear it from the person who first taught it to me: Myron Golden.

Myron is one of the most brilliant sales and marketing minds on the planet, and here’s how he describes this powerful language pattern you’re learning.

The simple yet powerful distinction that’s missing in your competitors marketing that YOU need to implement immediately, is the different between the language of convincing and the language of persuasion

Here’s what Myron Says:

“Convincing is when you are attempting to get somebody to do something you desire them to do for your reasons.

Persuasion is when you are helping somebody to make a decision they already desire to make for their own reasons.

When you get good at persuading, what happens is, not only do you not have to talk them into buying, you can’t talk them out of it. It’s amazing.

So how can you tell the difference between convincing speak and persuasion speak?

Convincing speak uses the pronouns:

Me, I, My and Mine.

My product does this. I have this many years of experience. I know how to do that. I’m good at this.

That’s the language of convincers.

The language of persuaders is:

You get, you’ll feel, you’ll love, you’ll get to do, you’ll experience.”

Dear reader, do not let what you just read fall deaf on your ears. If you dismiss this and turn away now, I’ll count you among the massive piles of failed attorneys who were given the answers yet crippled their business anyway.

What you have just read is the difference between joining the massive piles of failed attorneys, or the tiny sum of attorney amassing massive piles of profitable cases.

If you think I’m exaggerating, I challenge you to go seek out the most successful attorneys you know, and count their use of these pronouns. Are they using the language of persuading or convincing?

Look through this lense and you’ll see the truth. People care about what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. Since that’s true, it only makes sense to “work with the grain” and use human nature to serve your clients.

Now that you’ve just read one of the most important marketing lessons of your life, you’ll see this mistake everywhere. And when you do, you can size up your competitor rightfully, and know that you’re better equipped in the marketplace to acquire clients profitable.

Yes, it all happens when YOU just make one tiny change.

Do YOU see what I did there?

Surely you do.

It makes all the difference in the world, for your clients, and for you.

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-Randy Briggs

CEO, Leads Grow



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