CEO, Leadsgrow.IO

Randy Briggs

Randy Briggs was born and raised in the tiny town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, the 2nd son of a southern belle.

His sales experience began out of obligation, as a used car salesman, and evolved into a passion.

He went on to produce over $113,000,000 in 18 months as an investment wholesaler covering San Diego and LA.

“It was like cold calling the Wolf of Wall Street and selling him stocks…80 times a day.”

After repealed legislation effectively shut down his sales team, Randy found himself enamored with a different passion: selling one-to-many with advertising.

His penchant for marketing was tested in the trenches, after building his first brick and mortar business in 12 months… And then selling it for cash.

He gives advertising all the credit, and would never have been able to serve his customers without it.

Randy currently owns and operate LeadsGrow.IO, a direct response lead generation agency. 

He thinks writing about himself in the 3rd person is a little weird.

He writes in 13 point font because, “There’s no such thing as luck.”