Sean Senseman

Sean Senseman was born and raised in New Jersey but has settled down in VA Beach, where he resides with his beautiful wife and five children.
When his third daughter was born, he decided he had enough with “Corporate America”, where he’d previously spent 14 years as a Sales Trainer and Performance Coach.
He knew there was more to life than slaving away for a soulless company, and that time spent with family was more important.
A hardcore introvert with a passion for sales and marketing, he quickly fell in love with direct response copywriting. “Salesmanship in print!?” Holy @#$%&!. For years he had been saying he wished there was a way to sell using the written word instead of cold calling and endless prospecting.
With a knack for helping others, he settled into his perfect home: Helping business owners grow their business through digital marketing and direct response copy.
“Sean is the coolest guy on the FREAKING PLANET” – Randy Briggs.